Before & After

Home is our sanctuary and we would love to show you what you have never imagined could happen to your rooms!

Just when you think your room is just about complete, or you have the feeling that something isn't just right yet with the feeling of the room, imagine your room or take a picture. Look at the heights of the furnishings. The sofa back, chair back, tables, table lamps, coffee table, all fit into similar horizontal heights 2' to 4' off the floor.

Especially with any high ceilings or decorative windows there is a need for a varied height from the furnishings mentioned previously. A taller height that draws your eye upward.

Your room or office tells a story and should be and extension of who you are. We are not one dimensional beings, and your room shouldn't be either. Different heights, textures, colors complete the story.

High rise apartments need the outdoor feeling brought in with our trees, plants, and no-care patio plants.

A live tree is just not going to make it in Texas, so let's use a real tree trunk, drill, cut & glue the artificial branches & leaves in just the right places and voila! A new dimension.

The tree may be large in height but takes up very little space with the right container. Maybe a tall and narrow container to add interest yet take up less than 18" of floor space.

Measurements are taken so the walking area is clear with no branches in the way. Limbs are arched to "frame" artwork or windows yet not intrude on the space but rather accent it.

Stairways are one of the most neglected areas yet one of the prime areas for a tree.

Ask us about our new service where you can send in a picture of your room and we will send back suggestions for layout and accessories.