Floral Arrangements

High quality silk floral arrangements and plants are available at Avant Gardens of Silk at (972) 840-8071.

Do you have your accessories placed in your room yet it doesn't feel pulled together or present quite a finished look?

More than one color going on and not sure you chose the right colors or textures?

Avant Gardens can help you pull from your colors, style and to create the perfect arrangement for you table or mantle. Add height and color to a small area or dark corner, or just bring the freshness of a "life-like" plant or tree.  How about a "WOW" factor for those who like to entertain in their home.

Why not do what hotels do? Hotel lobbies always display a beautiful floral at its entry point. That's the best way to say you are very welcome.

With some fresh ideas and our high-quality artificial blooms and realistic plants we are on our way to enhancing your room style with added color and a new "freshness"!

These are a sampling of floral arrangements, but due to the custom design of each one they cannot be duplicated exactly. However, these photos will give you an idea of how each one is created to bestow its own beauty while not taking away from the decor of the room.

Here are some pricing samples based on size ranges, and whether the arrangement will be viewable from only one side or all sides, etc:
$35 for a 10"
$300 for 36"
$400 for "hotel size"
And everything in between too!

Ask us about our new service where you can send in a picture of your room and we will send back suggestions for layout and accessories.