Interior Accessories & Art

Laura Jones and her staff at Avant Gardens are your choice for creating Dallas interior design accessories.

They are very experienced in creating artificial plants that are unique and tailored to complement the interior of any home or office whatever the design style. Avant Gardens' signature specialty is crafting the Agave tree that will accentuate any interior and can be used to draw the viewer’s eye to an interesting architectural feature of the room.

The professionals at Avant Gardens demand their products be of the highest quality and will work with the individual to meet their specifications. They will carefully work with your colors and styles to assure that you receive just the perfect accessory for your home or office. Their plants are UV protected to assure they will not fade and that you will be very pleased for years to come.

Our products will assure that your property will be seen as a sign of success and help to create a warm atmosphere where your guests or employees will want to be. Our products have been featured in numerous publications and we will be happy to assist you with your plant design needs today.

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Ask us about our new service where you can send in a picture of your room and we will send back suggestions for layout and accessories.