Commercial & Large Scale

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A commercial space, small or large, should create an atmosphere that is encouraging to employees and visitors alike, provided by experienced professionals at Avant Gardens. A decorated premise is not only warm and inviting, but can also present the mark of success. We believe a mixture of our silk trees on natural trunks, plants and florals, complement the décor of any office, enhancing its beauty and erases what might otherwise create an empty feeling.

Avant Gardens has successfully assisted commercial businesses with visual merchandising in various industries, such as, home décor stores, corporate buildings and lobbies, retail showrooms, exhibits and trade shows, restaurants, car dealerships and more. Our goal is to create the best atmosphere to showcase your business and products.

Silk flowers offer long term savings over real flowers and require very little attention. Maintenance free; No replacing after cut flowers die, no allergies, no insects and they never outgrow or need pruning or water!

Ask us about our new service where you can send in a picture of your room and we will send back suggestions for layout and accessories.