Trees, Plants & Pots


We size and shape the trees to accent paintings, caress a stairway or fill an empty corner. Avant Gardens' signature specialty is crafting the Agave tree, yet any of our trees will accent your interior.

Trees are great for drawing the viewer's eye to an interesting architectural feature or high windows. Old world, modern, Spanish or commercial designs for a great impression and with a different style pot the whole feeling changes.

We use all natural tree trunks, drill and glue in the silk branches and leaves to create the size, shape and feel based on what your area needs and finish it off with specialty real mosses or stones.

3' to 20' trees or taller. Indoor or weather resistant for patio use.


Laura Jones and her staff at Avant Gardens are your choice for creating interior design plants to hide wires from a reception desk, to create a "wall" for privacy, and for a welcoming feel.

We are very experienced in creating artificial plants that are unique and tailored to complement the interior of any home or office design style.

Our products will assure that your property will be seen as a sign of success and help to create a warm atmosphere where your guests or employees will want to be. Our products have been featured in numerous publications and you will be very glad when you hire them to assist you with your artificial plant design needs today.

Pots & Containers

Whether you need pots for interior or exterior design, we think you'll be impressed with the quality and variety of choices we have to offer. Pots for outdoor/patio foliage or interior decoration are superb quality and we have a variety of designs you'll be impressed with.

A grouping of pots can make striking presentations on steps or in an underutilized corner of a backyard, larger decorative pots can make a statement in a front yard, on a patio or even as part of an interior room.

Bring the outdoors inside every day with large, earthy pots or a striking color, see-through cut outs or a texture that will catch their attention in ceramic or light weight fiberglass blends.

Are you wanting to make a statement that screams Texas or offer understated and modern elegance that would look at home in any location? We can help!

Vases for floral designs are chosen for size, color, texture and as art pieces too.

Ask us about our new service where you can send in a picture of your room and we will send back suggestions for layout and accessories.